Australia’s Finest Lamb

Margra Lamb is the culmination of years’ work and craft – a lamb with a micro-marbled finish and low fat melting point of 28-35°C (82.4-95°F), for an unprecedented delicate meat that is incredibly succulent.

"Margra is the finest lamb I have ever eaten and against which all others will be measured."

Chef Mark Best

"In my 27+ years of research, I have not seen a sheep breed with such low melting point of fats."

Assoc Prof Aduli Malau-Aduli, James Cook University

"So much more than just incredible lamb. This is lamb with a purpose, a long family history and a desire to push all the boundaries further than lamb has ever hoped."

Darren O’Rourke, Master Butcher

"Our vision was to create a fully haired meat sheep with good carcase traits and eating quality. We far exceeded our dreams in regards to the eating quality of Margra Lamb, which has been developed through years of careful breeding and research."

Graham Gilmore, Master Breeder