James, Graham & Ross Gilmore
James, Graham and Ross Gilmore

Our Story

Two brothers, one vision

Inspired by native haired sheep seen on their travels to South America, the Gilmore Brothers set out to breed a fully haired meat sheep intended for
Australian conditions.

The development of this lamb became the main focus of the brothers and Graham’s two sons, James and Ross. Through years of careful breeding using the latest technology and techniques, they succeeded in their venture, developing a unique breed of lamb certified as the Australian White.

But the journey did not end there. In breeding the Australian White, they noticed that certain lines had exceptional eating quality. Working with Associate Professor Aduli Malau-Aduli of James Cook University, the Gilmores were able to further cultivate this trait. Today, only the finest Tattykeel Australian White Sheep genetics are selected for Margra Lamb.

While Martin did not live to see the fruition of their project, he was an integral part of the development of Margra Lamb. It is now a living testament to their work and the lifetime achievement of the Gilmore family.

Australian White Rams
Australian White Rams

The shared vision of Martin and Graham lives on in the next generation of Gilmores, James and Ross, who, alongside their father, continue to breed Margra Lamb in Oberon NSW. The family’s ongoing commitment to excellence ensures a consistent and reliable supply of Margra Lamb well into the future.

The health benefits and unique qualities of the Intramuscular Fat (IMF), allows Margra Lamb to be developed into a number of other secondary products – including lamb ham, bacon, salamis, smallgoods and other derivative products. Updates on these products will be made available on our website as they are launched.